director: Peter Widdrington

Under the Bridge tells the story of Marcus, who has come back to his old Toronto neighbourhood after being away for a year to see his family, including his younger brother, Will. After meeting Will’s newest best friend Ian, and his crew, Marcus is faced with the reality that his brother is drifting further away from him. As Marcus continues to hang with Will and his new friends, he is forced to reflect on his own responsibility he had to his younger brother, and the consequences he may face from not being there for him when Will needed him most.
Starring: Ben Roberts, Will Shepard, and Nate Wilson

Producer and Writer: Peter Widdrington
Cinematographer: Sam Holling
Editor: Oliver Whitfield-Smith
Production Designer: Mia Isabella
Composer: Alex Gluch
Sound Recordist: Michael Curtis
Colourist: James Colin Graham
Set Dresser: Kennedy Salloum
Camera AC's: Hazel Lee, Nate McKinnon
Stills Photography: Lachlan Anderson
Production Assistants: Josh Alexander, and Samuel Forsyth
Extras: Cairns Nolan  and Samuel Forsyth